The Extraction Lab is a filter only café offering a wide range of coffees and teas brewed exclusively on Alpha Dominche equipment. The majority of our coffee and tea offerings will be made-to-order using our STEAMPUNK® single-cup brewers. We will also offer select coffees and teas daily on our new SIGHT® batch brewer.


The STEAMPUNK® is a full-immersion, single-cup, semi-automated vacuum brewer. The machine is designed to brew filter coffee and tea to-order through recipes that are pre-programmed on an integrated tablet controller. The STEAMPUNK® provides versatility and consistency by accommodating a wide range of different beverages and recipes, with precision and accuracy. Customers not only get a beautiful presentation as their beverage is brewing, but also receive a perfectly crafted drink every time.


SIGHT® is our newest addition to the Alpha Dominche family, brewing precisely controlled batches of coffee or tea up to one-gallon. SIGHT®’s glass chambers allow customers to watch the entire full-immersion vacuum process from start to finish, and a minimal and beautiful design invokes SIGHT® to be placed on the front counter as a focal point.